Data privacy policy

May 25, 2018 European Data Protection Regulation (RGPD UE 2016/679)

Through its Personal Data Protection Policy, Vicente Pérez Jiménez (hereinafter, "Artesanías Pérez y Pérez") informs its users about the type of data collected, the use that will be made of them and their right of access, modification or deletion of said data.

Artesanías Pérez y Pérez declares that it complies with current regulations on Personal Data Protection.

Responsible for data processing

Artesanías Pérez y Pérez informs that the person responsible for data control is the company Vicente Pérez Jiménez, providing users with the email address, as well as the postal address: Calle San Lorenzo, nº 30, 23790 Porcuna, Jaén (Spain) for any necessary communication.


Who is responsible for the collection and processing of your data?

  • Identity: Vicente Pérez Jiménez
  • N.I.F. 26048790-W    
  • Adress: Calle San Lorenzo,nº 30 cp: 23790 Porcuna (Jaén)
  • Email:
  • Data Protection Delegate Contact:
  • Contact and information telephone number: +34 687041257

Personal Data Processed

As part of its provision of services, Artesanías Pérez y Pérez requests personal data from its users. Artesanías Pérez y Pérez undertakes to collect only the data necessary for the provision of its services and guarantees the use of all necessary means to protect said data. The mandatory data will be marked with an asterisk (*) in the corresponding forms. The rest of the non-mandatory data requested will be provided by the user under their responsibility and consent.

The data may be collected through the Artesanías Pérez y Pérez registration forms, through email, chat, telephone, websites associated with social networks or fairs and / or events organized by Artesanías Pérez y Pérez or by third parties. In the event that the data is collected through third parties, the proper use and correct application of the Data Protection Policy is the responsibility of said third party.

The refusal to provide some data could result in the impossibility of using all or part of the services offered by Artesanías Pérez y Pérez.

The type of data collected may vary depending of the category of the user:


For individuals, the following data may be collected depending on the services to which they have subscribed and / or used:

  • Name and Surname 
  • Nationality, sex, date and place of birth
  • Email, telephone, adress
  • Bank information
  • Identity documents
  • Username social networks


  • Name and surname / Company name
  • Nationality, sex, date and place of birth
  • Email, telephone, address
  • Bank information
  • Identity documents
  • Username social networks
  • Activity sector
  • Tradename

Purpose of Data Use

The personal data provided by users will be used only in connection with the use of the services offered by Artesanías Pérez y Pérez.

Help with the organization and management of orders placed in our online store.

  • Provide users with quality content to help them properly choose the products they want.
  • Allow users to participate in the Artesanías Pérez y Pérez community by posting public comments both on articles on social networks and on our online store.
  • During the relationship of Artesanías Pérez y Pérez with its users or until the user withdraws their consent, Artesanías Pérez y Pérez reserves the right to send electronic communications related to the services offered by Artesanías Pérez y Pérez or its partners and general communications related to the purchase of artisan products.

    Customer Registration:

  • The data provided by the beneficiaries of the purchase service through our online store is collected in accordance with Law 10/2010, of April 28, on the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing, which defines in particular the information elements related to customer knowledge. The personal data and other documents collected as part of the acquisition of a product from our online store will be used to verify the identity and good faith of the beneficiaries of the service.
  • The bank details provided as part of activating an order will only be used to transfer the donations received by the beneficiaries to the associated bank account.

Assignment and transfer of data to third parties

Artesanías Pérez y Pérez does not have third parties in its online store, the product found in the online store is managed entirely by Artesanías Pérez y Pérez.

International transfer of personal data

Artesanías Pérez y Pérez is an international company based in Spain. For this reason, Artesanías Pérez y Pérez informs its users that their data could be used internationally, whenever necessary and by implementing the necessary security measures to protect said data.

Conservation period

The data collected will be kept for the duration of the use of the services offered by Artesanías Pérez y Pérez or until the user exercises their right of cancellation.

After deletion of the profile by the user, Artesanías Pérez y Pérez will only keep the necessary data as part of its legal and / or contractual obligations. Once the corresponding limitation period has elapsed, the data will be completely and definitively deleted.

User rights

The user can at any time exercise their right of access, modification, deletion of their data.

The execution of these rights can be carried out directly from the user's profile, who can also, in case of doubt or technical concern, contact Artesanías Pérez y Pérez at the address Calle San Lorenzo, 30 - cp. 23790 Porcuna, Jaén (Spain), by email at or by phone at +34 687041257.

In the event that the user considers that there is a violation of their rights, they can send a complaint directly to Artesanías Pérez y Pérez through the contact information provided previously or the Spanish Agency for Data Protection: https://www.


Artesanías Pérez y Pérez informs its users that all the necessary measures have been implemented, both from a technological and organizational point of view, to guarantee the security of their personal data and avoid the loss, alteration or unauthorized processing.

Data of minors

The inclusion of personal data of minors will be under the full responsibility of the user who claims to have the necessary rights for the disclosure of this information and undertakes not to publish, under any pretext, the contents that could harm a minor person.

Cookies policy

Cookies policy


Artesanías Pérez y Pérez provides its users with the contact email and the telephone number +34 687041257.