Our History


In Artesanías Pérez and Pérez we are craftsmen since 1957. The company, of character family, is specialized in maintaining the tradition of esparto and raw materials that we work from our land.

As a hobby and nowadays centered full as work. Our old generations worked esparto for household utensils and of the field. For their homes they made mats, blowers, baskets, lined bottles, blinds to keep the house fresh all day. For the work of the field made serones for the mules, mats to press the olives or grapes, baskets, waffles to take the food...

We also work the olive wood, making a great multitude of products, kitchen utensils, furniture, design products, trophies...

Given the location where we are Porcuna (Jaén) we have a lot of variety raw material where we can choose the best quality to perform our creations. Surrounded of great extensions of olive groves and with nearby saws rich in esparto.

In addition we do works almost lost by the elaboration that they have like to throw seats to chairs, benches, stools and armchairs. Also of rattán or Grids. Thanks to our elders we have acquired good knowledge and we do them today as before.

As times change we can not stay behind, so we maintain the way of working from before but we go every day elaborating products chords with the times we live without losing the essence of the product artisan.

Our motto has always been that the person who makes a product with their hands just expect the customer to experience the feeling of affection and elaboration dedicated to doing it. Even though they look like one will never be the same as another.

We hope that your choice is a success, for any doubt or clarification is solved without problem in the tel .: +34 687041257, section customer service or via email: info@artesaniasperezyperez.com

You can see some videos of our work in the following links:

-Work done in Madrid (Cover 2000m2 of walls and ceilings in Madrid with natural esparto): Watch video

-Manufacture of natural esparto blinds (Canal Sur): Watch video