As artisans we like to see the result of our work and, to thank you for your confidence in our work, we have created some discount coupons.

If you send us photos of products purchased in an order (already installed or placed as decoration) by whatsapp (+34687041257) or by email (, and authorize us to use them on our website and social networks, we will give you a discount coupon code.

The amount of the discount coupon will be 5% and will be provided once you authorize us in writing (in the message by email or whatsapp) to use your photos on our website and social networks.

Clarify that the introduction of the promotional code is:

  • NO extra payments
  • NO records
  • NO spam: we do NOT sell your data to third parties and you do NOT receive emails every day

It is just a way of thanking you for your commitment to our work done by hand and for allowing us to share with future clients and followers the result of our work.

Thank you!